Pay Your Trash Bill Online | Trashbilling enables you to pay your Trash Bill Online. If the bill that you got for your trash hauler has a message on it that says “Pay online at” you can use this service.

You can obtain your payment by having the money taken directly from your checking or savings account, or you can charge it to your credit card.

They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Cards, and American Express. Your trash hauler will not see any of this information, and will only be notified that you have made a payment. 

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How Trashbilling Working?

You will receive an e-mail by the end of the business day confirming your payment. Saturday, Sunday or Holiday payments will be reflected in the next business day. Your hauler will also be notified, so they will show your payment on your account.

Some haulers also provide a service where your bill can be paid automatically each time you would normally get a bill.

You will be notified if your trash hauler provides this service. If you want to take advantage of this service then your Bank or Credit card information will be sent to your hauler, so that you can make any needed changes with them.

You will then see an entry on your bank statement or credit card bill each time you would normally receive a bill.

With this service, if you ever have a problem you can work it out with your hauler, or contact us, and we will reverse the charge, no questions asked.

Eligibility and Identity

Eligibility. To be eligible to use our Services, you must be at least 18 years old with a valid credit or debit card or a valid U.S. bank account.

Identity Authentication. You authorize TrashBilling, directly or through third parties, to make any inquiries we consider necessary to validate your identity.

Login at | Steps

When you go through the site You will see three options there.

  • Here, you have a language selection option. Choose from the English and Espanol languages.

Pay Your Trash Bill:

  • If you want to pay your trash bill, then you have to type the 12 digit Customer ID found on your Trash Bill.
  • Click on the Submit.

View Your Account:

  • You can view your account and for that, you need to enter the Customer ID from your Trash Bill.
  • Click on the ‘Login to your Account’.
  • Now, you are allowed to see your account details.

Know your Charge Details:

  • To know the charge details on your statement, click on the ‘Look Up Charge’ button.

  • If the line on your statement reads TRASHBILLING.COM CC then use the Credit Card/Debit card section.
  • Otherwise, try the Electronic Transfers section first, and if it doesn’t work then try Credit/Debit Cards.

Note: If your bank statement says “ CC“, then it is definitely a credit card transaction. Debit cards may appear as either a credit card or as an Electronic Transfer, depending on how it was entered.

How to Reach

If you have a query regarding your payment then use the following contact details to contact the trash billing team.

Note: Before reaching you must have your customer id.

Email: The easiest way to contact is via E-Mail: You MUST include your ID Number.

Phone: 9-5 Eastern Time M-F 802-560-3595

Fax: You can Fax us at 802-244-1530


In this post, I tried to cover up all the needed information to Pay Your Trash Bill Online at So, read it carefully and follow the steps, I am sure you have done it successfully.

If you still have any questions and queries, you may ask in the comment section below. If you have any suggestions for me, you can even tell me. I will definitely improve or refresh the specifications for my pleasant users.

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